What Is The Gcp Cloud Engineer Certification Cost In India

With the growth of IT in India, cloud computing and engineering has become a good choice for career advancement. Demand for cloud computing engineers is increasing rapidly, hence engineers are getting familiar with cloud computing more than before. According to a report, India will be in need of 20 lakh cloud professionals by 2025 and probably would get around only 4 to 15 lakh cloud engineers by 2025.

You must be willing to be a part of the high rising profession by 2025 and seeking the answer to –what is GCP cloud engineer certification cost in India, or is GCP certification free? How much does a cloud certification cost? How much does it cost to take Google certification exam? You’re at the right place.

The Demand for Cloud Engineers in India

According to a report (FY2021), India holds 3rd position with 608,000 cloud engineers across the world.

According to the Times of India, there are around 6 lakh cloud practitioners in India, where 3.7 lakh have at least one cloud engineering certification. Accordingly, Forrester predicts that in 2021 the public cloud infrastructure market will expand 35% to $120 billion globally.

Payscale reports on Cloud Solutions Architect’s annual salary in India to be 2,450,000 INR annually, and Development Operations job salary in India to be 1,400,000 INR annually.

According to Times of India, cloud computing building skills increase the salary 25% more than those who only possess the run-the-cloud skills. And, by 2021, more than 50,000 new talents will join the cloud practitioner pool.

As GCP engineering is one of the most in demand career in India, you must be willing to put your name in this race. Now, your concern must be the GCP cloud engineer certification cost in India. Before we move to the GCP cloud engineer certification cost in India, let’s have a look at the GCP certification in India.

GCP Certification in India

The tech giant, Google makes opportunities across the world to upskill engineers with Google cloud training and certification, in order to ensure an efficient and successful use of cloud platform and tools.

Google offers different types of certifications according to experience and seniority level. Google has arranged its cloud certification in-

  • Foundational level certification,
  • Associate level certification
  • Professional level certification.

Besides, Google has brought looker certification for Looker Business Analyst and LookML Developer.

Google Cloud Fundamental Certification contains Cloud Digital Leader Certification, where no hands-on experience with Google cloud is required.

Google Cloud Associate-level Certification contains Associate Cloud Engineer Certification, where 6+ months of hands-on experience on building on Google cloud is required.

Google Cloud Professional-level Certification includes-

  • Cloud Architect,
  • Cloud Developer,
  • Data Engineer,
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer,
  • Cloud Security Engineer,
  • Cloud Network Engineer,
  • Cloud Collaboration Engineer,
  • Cloud Machine Learning Engineer,

Each of this professional-level certifications needs 3+ years of industrial experience and 1+ year to Google cloud experience.

GCP Cloud Engineer Certification Cost in India

It’s time to move on to your question. GCP certification cost in India. Is GCP certification free? No. The certification exam is not free. But you can get some free training to prepare yourself for the certification exam.

Google offers some free training on Google cloud with data analytics, cloud architecture, data science with Google cloud, and machine learning with Google cloud.

Google states on their official blog, “There are 4 initial tracks in the skills challenge: Getting Started, Data Analytics, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each track will give you a chance to earn different skill badges such as the Foundational Infrastructure skill badge or Foundational Data, ML, and AI skill badge, which you can share with your network. To earn a skill badge, complete a series of hands-on labs on Google Cloud labs to learn new cloud skills and take a final assessment challenge lab to test your skills.”

Google offers 30 days of free access to Google labs for a hands-on experience on training.

You will have to pay for the certification exam, albeit Google offers some free training. The certification fees differ according to the seniority level and courses.

Let’s talk about how much does it cost to take Google certification exam?

GCP Foundational Certificate:

  1. Cloud Digital Leader– The exam will test your ability to identify the appropriate cloud solutions and Google Cloud products with the real-world scenario. The exam registration fee is $99 only.

GCP Associate Certificate

  1. Associate Cloud Engineer– The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to set up a cloud solution environment, plan, configure and implement a cloud solution. This exam fee is $125 (+ vat where applicable).

GCP Professional Certificate

  1. Professional Cloud Architect– this certification exam will assess the ability to design and plan a cloud solution architecture, design for security and compliance, analyze and optimize technical and business processes, manage implementations of cloud architecture, ensure solution and operations reliability. The exam registration fee is $200 (+ tax where applicable).
  2. Professional Cloud Developer– The Professional Cloud Developer exam assesses your ability to design highly scalable, available, reliable cloud-native applications, build and test applications, deploy applications. The exam registration fee is $200 (+ tax where applicable).
  3. Professional Data Engineer– This exam will assess ability to design data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, ensure solution quality, build and operationalize data processing systems. The exam registration fee is $200 (+ tax where applicable).
  4. Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer– this certification proves your ability to apply site reliability engineering principles to a service, optimize service performance, Implement service monitoring strategies. Registration fee for this exam is $200 (+tax).
  5. Professional Cloud Security Certification– examines your ability to configure access within a cloud solution environment, configure network security, ensure data protection and compliance. The cost for this exam is $200 (+tax where applicable).
  6. Professional Cloud Network Engineer– checks your ability to design, plan, and prototype a Google Cloud network, implement Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances, configure network services, implement hybrid interconnectivity, manage, monitor, and optimize network operations. $200 plus tax where applicable needs to be paid for this exam.
  7. Professional Machine Learning Engineer – checks ability to architect ML solutions, frame ML problems, design data preparation and processing systems, automate and orchestrate ML pipelines, monitor, optimize, and maintain ML solutions. The exam registration fee is $200 plus tax (if applicable).

Guide to GCP Certification with ML Academy

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Though GCP certification cost is high, it’s very helpful for our career growth in the cloud engineering profession. As GCP certifications are costly, it’s not wise to sit for the exam unless you are a skilled practitioner or professional. Training with ML Academy will help you to successfully complete your GCP certification and will make you an effective GCP professional.