How To Prepare For Amazon Data Engineer Interview

Interviews are the final hurdle that stands between you and your dream job.

Each company has its style of interviewing a candidate. While some organizations may select a candidate within one interview round, others might take longer than that.

So, in that case, how to prepare for Amazon Data Engineer Interview?

When it comes to a tech giant like Amazon, you can expect your skills to be tested to the T. 

Amazon is undoubtedly the global Tech Giant, where each tech enthusiast aspires to work at least once in their lifetime.

As a Data Engineer at Amazon, you get the opportunity to work with the most advanced tools, grow with the company and work towards customer satisfaction.

The role of Data Engineer at Amazon involves designing, building, and managing scalable data pipelines. They lay the foundation for data analysts and data scientists to develop and analyze the models. Data Engineers also design data warehouses for internal business use and transform complex data to find meaningful insights that help make better business decisions.

Let us say you have what it takes to work in Amazon, and you’re finally interviewing for the Data Engineer role. Cracking an interview is challenging and involves months of hard work and dedication.

So, without any further ado, let’s work to turn the odds in our favor. Following is the answer to your question: How to prepare for Amazon Data Engineer Interview?

  1. Make sure you understand the role you have applied to and are prepared for the basic questions

Data Engineering is a vast feel. Leave no stone unturned to understand all the details of the job description.

Interpret the skills needed for the role. Regardless of the type of interview, always prepare yourself for Technical Questions, Programming tests, Design Questions, and Behavioural questions. 

The domains involved are: 

  1. Coding test in python
  2. SQL
  3. Database Designing
  4. Big Data Technologies and Data Processing
  5. Non-technical skills

  6. Build skills and polish them

Know that you know what skills you will be tested for; it is time you start practicing them. Start with the basics, give it time and be consistent.

We strongly advocate the KCE process of learning and would love to share it with you. 

The KCE (Knowledge, Certification, Expertise) process breaks the skill development process into three manageable stages.

The first stage of the learning process is Knowledge. In this stage, understand the skills and their scope. 

The second stage is Certification. Begin developing your skills. Engage in certification programs and build up a credible profile. Make yourself technically sound to tackle any question that might be thrown at you during the interview.

The third stage is Expertise. Take up every opportunity that comes your way and make the best out of it. Apply for internships and take on projects to develop practical skills. 

  1. Be clear in communicating your thought process

Technical skills are overshadowed if you lack clarity in communication skills.

An interviewer is more interested in understanding your reasoning ability and understanding rather than your answers. Make sure your communication skills convey your technical competency. 

  1. Practice will make you perfect

There are tons of resources online that can help you build these skills and practice them regularly. 

Use platforms like Leetcode and Hacckerank to practice and advance your skills with daily practice. You can also equip yourself by watching Amazon Data Engineer preparation videos. 

Check out the previous Amazon Data Engineer Interview Questions and experiences on Glassdoor. This will give you an idea of what to expect during the interview process.

If you are wondering how to prepare for Data engineering jobs, the aforementioned KCE process will prove beneficial in your preparation.

How To Crack Amazon Data Engineer Interview?

The Amazon Data Engineer process is a standard process that consists of two telephonic interviews followed by an on-site interview.

Telephonic Interview 1: The On-call screening

The initial screening telephonic interview helps in testing if you are an ideal fit for the company. During this call, the interviewer checks your compatibility with the company’s culture and understands your background.

Telephonic Interview 2: Technical Interview

This phone interview tests your technical skills. There will be 8-10 questions that might revolve around programming concepts, SQL, or Databases.

Onsite Interview

This is the final stage of recruitment. You need to clear the following rounds to secure an Amazon Data Engineer job. 

Round 1: Technical Round

In the first interview round, you are asked questions related to Data Warehousing, Database Management systems, etc.

Here you need to design a workflow based on the given scenario. It tests your ability to develop solutions to real-life scenarios.

Round 2: Debugging Round

The name gives it away. You are given a problem statement, and you need to submit your ideas to debug the problem. This round checks your problem-solving abilities.

Round 3: Culture-based Round

In the culture-based interview round, you get the opportunity to meet and have lunch with the director, vice president, or team leader.

During this lunch, you are questioned about your family background. This round refreshes you and helps the recruiters analyze you on different levels.

You may have general conversations about any topic in this round.

Round 4: Data Modeling Round

The Data Modeling round tests your ability to understand the concepts of schema, key constraints, normalization, ER Diagrams, Joins, etc. It includes theoretical questions or questions on Queries.

Round 5: Complex SQL Round

Your grasp of SQL lays the groundwork for your Data Engineering Career. In this round, you are asked to solve complex SQL queries.

Your performance in this round will determine whether you get hired. To crack this round, prepare yourself well for advanced concepts like Data Warehousing, Modeling, and SQL.

Do mock interviews, practice all the interview questions, and be concise. Be prepared to get into details as your every answer will be cross-questioned.

Work with a plan. Have a strategy in place. Following are few valuable strategies that you can apply to crack the Amazon Data Engineer interview.

Amazon Data Engineer Interview Strategy

  1. Express your thoughts. Don’t be nervous.
  2. Take the hints. Interviews are helpful and may give you a push if you are stuck. Learn to catch those hints.
  3. It is okay if the first solution that comes into your mind is not perfect. Discuss all the solutions that cross your mind.
  4. Keep your code neat and clean. The interviewers check the time complexity of your code and how easy it is to maintain.
  5. Don’t quit. Keep trying to solve the problem from a variety of angles.

So, How To Prepare for Amazon Data Engineer Interview?

Plan, Practice, Strategize and give your best. We know that interviews are tough, but keep pushing through it, and your dream job will be a reality soon. There are tons of resources online that can help you achieve this goal. Benefit from them and make yourself technically capable.

The industry is always in search to come across talent that fits them in all aspects. Adapt according to the organization and make sure your skills are rock solid. We hope this article covered all your questions about how to prepare for Amazon Data Engineer Interview. Good luck.