How To Get Into Faang Companies As A Fresher

The Big 5 of Tech (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) or FAANG as they call it hire the best of the software engineers, data engineers, cyber security specialists, system and solution architects, network engineers every year from different countries.

You must be dreaming to be one of them after your graduation. But the reality is quite harder than dreams. To qualify for the job, get selected and build a dream-like career needs hard work in the right direction. Thousands of graduates apply and get prepared for a job in FAANG companies, but only the best prepared get that.

The questions like- ‘how to prepare for FAANG companies? How hard it is to get a FAANG interview? How to get into FAANG companies as a fresher?’ may peek into the mind of a fresh graduate like you. We are here to answer all of your questions and show you the right path to reach your dreams.

You will find a continuous discussion on the job types, their responsibilities, job requirements to understand how to get into FAANG companies competing with all other candidates.

Jobs in FAANG companies

FAANG companies enlist thousands of positions on their job board every year, which include business analysts, management employees, production team employees, software engineers, information security specialists, technical program managers, data engineers, data analysts, marketing or finance team members, etc.

Besides Software engineering, DevOps, Data Analytics and other technical teams, these product-based enterprises recruit for their other teams like- Administrative assistance, Design, Support, Marketing, Health-care, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource, Management, etc.

FAANG enlists thousands of jobs in different levels of seniority like- internship, new grad, junior, senior, etc. with various levels of salaries.

A salary comparison is shown between FAANG and others. Research on the FAANG companies’ salary made the comparison easier.

Fig: Entry level job salary comparison Fig: Entry level job salary comparison

Based on the above illustration, for an entry-level job, per year salaries at Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Apple are $188,000, $181,000, $176,000, and $172,000 respectively.

Requirements to Get a Job in FAANG

How do I crack FAANG companies? It’s not a cakewalk. FAANG gets the best in their industries. If you want to get into FAANG, you need to be one of the best in a particular sector.

If you want a get a job in the Big 5 of Tech, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in your relevant field. It’s not a wise attempt to try to reach a highly paid/highly sought after job without a bachelor degree. If possible, pursue a master’s degree. It will help you to grow fast in this competitive world.

To get into any of the teams like management, software engineering, data engineering, information security or any other, you need some outstanding skills, out of box thinking ability, great problem solving and discission making skills.

If you are a computer science graduate and you want to join a FAANG software engineering, or data engineering team, you need to have outstanding programming knowledge having one or two proven solid projects to make your resume strong. Sound knowledge and a good understanding of data structure and algorithm is a must.

This is inline with the KCE Process that we recommend here at the Machine Learning Academy.

Besides technical skills, FAANG companies look for good communication skills and attitude to find whether you could make yourself fit for the position. You need to convey your idea to your team and make yourself fruitful to the company.

The ability of teamwork, ability to adopt new technology, quick learning ability, ability to improve existing solutions are also very important to get into FAANG.

All of this is the core of our interview preparation and job ready programs at ML Academy.

How To Prepare for FAANG Companies

It’s a common question that ‘how to prepare for FAANG companies?’ Or, how do you become a FAANG fresher?

Pursue a bachelor degree. If you want to get into the technical team, you need a bachelor’s in Computer Science or relevant department. During your bachelor’s degree, gain sound knowledge on computer programming, data structure and algorithm, computer networking. Expertise in programming language and problem solving will make your chance to get a call for an interview.

Try to have some standard projects in your college. This will enrich your resume and will enhance the chance to get a call.

Professional training will make you an expert in your particular field. Certification will show proof of your expertise. Try to get some professional certifications like AWS or GCP. ML Academy’s courses for the same would be of great help.

Apply a position of your relevant field that suits your skills. Prepare yourself as the job requirements. Learn the missing skills and knowledge.

As a fresher try to get an internship first. Apply to FAANG as an intern in your relevant field. This internship will give you some hands-on experience and professional environment experience. These are really important to be a FAANG employee.

Update your resume. Try to learn new technologies and acquire new skills. Problem-solving skills are very important for tech guys. Keep practicing. Follow stack-overflow for problems and their solution.

It’s not an easy path to become a FAANG fresher, but if you follow the right path and gain some expertise on your field, success is ensured.

Attending Interview in a FAANG Company

For every college grad student, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google are the dream employers. It’s not easy to catch the dream. How hard it is to get a FAANG interview? Of course, it is hard.

One research by Kalibrr says Google’s hiring rate is less than 1%.

According to Amazon, the e-commerce giant has now received 208,000 applicants, at the rate of more than 18 job applications per minute.

So, the path to interview is not going to be a cakewalk. But if you are an expert and follow the right way, surely you can overcome the interview.

Here are some of our advices to perform a better interview session.

  • Check the job description and responsibilities carefully
  • Make research about the company, product and business
  • Update the resume to make it attractive and draw the attention at a glace
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Practice the most common questions
  • Also prepare yourself to talk about your previous experiences
  • A positive attitude makes the interview easier


Once you are aware of the way to touch your dream, what keeps you apart from meeting your dreams? You know how to get into FAANG companies as a fresher, you know how to prepare yourself, get a chance to set yourself into the dreaming job opportunities.

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