How To Become Data Engineer After 12Th

How to become a Data Engineer After 12th. That’s the question you have in your mind. Not only in India, data engineer’s demand is sharply growing world-wide to meet the demands of the complex world of digital and tech transformation. Data engineers can truly be thought of as one of the pillars of business growth and revenue making in this digital world.

Business firms, e-commerce markets, banks, insurance companies – basically anyone who wants to grow their business in digital world needs data engineering to collect, store, query the data and provide the analytics to the business management team and assist the organization to grow.

Since Data engineering is becoming an alluring career all over the world, especially in developed and developing countries – you must be willing to take a part in this high rising professional competition.

To become an expert data engineer after 12th class and enhance your skills, follow the advices mentioned in this article.

What is Data Engineering and Who is a Data Engineer?

Data engineering is the designing, developing and maintaining of the systems for useful data collection from raw data and then further warehousing, mining, storing, querying and providing the data into an accessible and useable format to analytics experts.

After successful research of real-life data engineering jobs, it can be said that data engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining data pipeline architecture, assembling complex and large amount of data sets which meet business requirements, making manual processes automatic, data delivery optimization, infrastructure maintaining and re-designing for greater scalability and improvements, etc.

 Data engineers are also responsible for building infrastructure for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and ‘big data’ technologies. They provide the data security also and keep data separate inside multiple data centers like GCP, AWS, etc.

Data engineers create data analytics tools for business or data analytics and data scientist team to assist them in building and optimizing products to compete this advanced business age.

Why Data Engineering is Growing With a High Demand?

During the last decade, with the growth of IT industry in India, demand for data engineering is growing rapidly.

Suppose, you are building a business organization that sells products to different types of customers. If you want to survive in a competitive market, you must have to do some business analysis about your competitors, their products, market demands, client’s demand, etc. How you will get the data for analyze?

In this digital world, tons of data are all over the internet. Most of it could be useful data for you. But you cannot use them as that format they are.

You need to have a data engineering (or big data engineering) team.

These organizations need processed data or analytics tools to provide fruitful insights into client acquisition, operational efficiency and other business statistics.

Larger organizations have their own data engineering team to collaborate with their executive, product, design and business analyst team.

Now, you must be eager to know how to become data engineer after 12th in India.

Requirements to Become a Data Engineer

There are actually no pre-requisites to become a data engineer. So, you may think, can I do data engineering after 12th?

Yes. After 12th from science group, you can do your graduation in data engineering. A data engineer should have a bachelor degree on Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Data Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or another relevant department.

A data engineer needs to have expertise in SQL and relational database management systems like MySQL, MongoDB, etc. A strong analytical skill is required to work with large volume on unstructured data. A strong programming knowledge is must, i.e., you need to be expert on Python or Java programming.

Beside the technical skills you must possess a good communication skill, presentation skill, a skill to efficiently collaborate with your colleague and other teams.

How to Become Data Engineer After 12th in India?

If you are worried about, what should I do after 12th to become data engineer? Nothing to worry at all. It’s simpler than you think.

Learn programming language and SQL as efficiently you can. Ability of making analytical logic and relationship among unstructured data is one of the key requirements to be a data engineer. Develop your numerical and analytical skills.

Try to have some major and minor projects that includes data engineering or data science.

Data structure and algorithm knowledge is a must. If you are from a different undergraduate department that doesn’t include data structure and algorithm, you need to do some professional courses on it and, obviously, build projects.

Whether you have a Bachelor degree or not the journey will be same. Expertise on data engineering tools and skills are must. A bachelor degree will reach you higher position on your career. So, it’s better to have a bachelor and master’s degree if possible.

Hands-on experience on technical tools like MySQL, data warehousing software, ETL tools will add some extra value.

Some cloud computing knowledge is so useful as modern IT industry is moving toward cloud computing.

Try to grab an internship on data engineering sooner after completing graduation. Internship will provide you real-life experience and hands-on experience on data engineering tools.

Professional certification on data science from a renowned institute will also add a high value to your resume.

How to become a big data engineer? Data engineering and big data engineering is same. You just have to be expert with big data engineering tools like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Kafka, etc.

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