Data Engineering Course Online For College Students Free

The demand for data engineering has been growing sharply all over the world over the last few years. Due to the growth of social media, and the e-commerce market, a huge amount of data is being produced every day. Organizations need these raw data to be processed for their business growth and that’s why they need data engineers.

People from various other professions are also getting swayed into Data Engineering as it’s growing as one of the most in-demand professions. You must be willing to know the ins and outs of data engineering and how to become a data engineer.

Here, we will discuss data engineering and its demand, data engineering free online courses, what education do you need to be a data engineer? Which course is the best for data engineering? And, the best place to learn data engineering.

Let’s start.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is a series of tasks that includes creating data pipeline, data warehousing, creating and maintaining database, collecting, storing, maintaining, and querying data, and making raw data accessible and usable to data scientists and business analysts within an organization. In simple words, data engineering is the profession that creates and maintains a system to collect and store data from other sources to analyze later.

A data engineer is an IT professional who works with numerous special fields of data science to prepare data for analysis and other operations.

Proper usage of data and a creative analysis has become crucial for the success of business organizations and a data engineer is the one who designs the necessary mechanisms to collect and store data. Banks, Fintech companies, digital agencies, food organizations, e-commerce market everyone needs data engineers as without the data of the real-world, no business plan can be built.

Data engineering has grown as a high-paid job in India. According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a data engineer in India is 833,736 INR.

We have foreseen the data engineering and big data engineering services market to expand $39.50 billion in 2020 to $87.37 billion by 2025 at a 17.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Though data engineering is a high rising career and many people are likely to move on data engineering profession, in the last few years there are consequently chronic shortage of new talents. Data engineers’ demand has outstripped supply due to the lack of skills. People often misunderstand data engineering skills as tough and difficult to learn.

It’s high time you got some data engineering free online courses to upskill you as a potential data engineer.

Eligibility for Data Engineering

What education do you need to be a data engineer? In general, data engineering requires a bachelor’s degree from a relevant department and the skills to work with. But, it’s not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering or data science. There are lots of people working efficiently as data engineers who are from applied physics, applied mathematics, and some are even from a non-science background.

Having the required skills and efficiency to meet the job description, you can be a data engineer also. We have identified a set of hard and soft skills that employers seek in a data engineer.

If you are planning to be a data engineer, you must have a good command of programming languages, especially Python or Java. 83% of companies ask for Python with a data analysis library like Pandas or NumPy.

Strong knowledge and understanding of relational database management system like SQL, MySQL is essential for data engineering. You must have the skill to write optimal queries to quest data from the database. Data structure and algorithm are indispensable for data engineering.

Sound knowledge of ETL and REST APIs is also preferable in data engineering job.

Some soft skills, for instance, critical thinking, analytical skill, ability to convey correct information, ability to take responsibility, attention to detail, ability to make decisions, and multitasking are very important to be a potential data engineer.

Best Courses for Data Engineering

Which is the best course for data engineering? Well, it’s tough to say. Data engineering requires a couple of skills. Now data engineering is being linked up with cloud platforms. So, one must possess expertise in data engineering skills as well as a cloud platform.

Some of the best data engineering with cloud platform courses are –

  • Online Data Engineering On AWS,
  • Google Cloud Data Engineering,
  • AWS Certified Data Analyst Specialty

You can choose your best online data engineering course according to your knowledge and seniority level.

Data Engineering Free Online Courses

Indepth and free online data engineering courses are very helpful to start with.

ML Academy conducts a Data Engineering on the Cloud workshop for beginners. This is a 3-hour online course/workshop that will provide video classes conducted by ML Academy experts You will get a hands-on lab where you will have the experience of real-life problem-solving. No prior experience but only a fundamental knowledge of programming language and SQL is required.

Online Data Engineering on AWS is one of the best data engineering free online courses to start even if you are a college student.

Data Engineering with ML Academy

ML Academy is one of the best Machine Learning and Data Engineering training institute that offers you the best data engineering courses to upskill you. You will get some free beginner-level courses to start with.

ML Academy offers online video classes conducted by certified best trainers of the world. You will get hands-on lab experience and full access to resources. Labs will provide you with experience of real-life problem solving which is very important in a job.

ML Academy follows a successful methodology to train its apprentices, named ‘KCE Methodology’. You will gain a full fundamental knowledge, course completion certificate and the most important thing to build your carrier as a data engineer – ‘expertise’.


Free resources are a great way to start with. ML Academy offers data engineering free online courses, which you will never want to miss. If you are looking for a way to start your career, ML Academy is here to start your journey. Start with us to become a potential data engineer and raise high in this profession without wasting time.