Venkatesh Tadinada - Chief Instructor

Venkatesh Tadinada is passionate about data. “In God we trust, all others bring data,” said Edward Deming, a philosophy wholly imbibed by Venkat. For the last 25 years, he has been working in various domains and various technologies with DATA as a common theme. Starting with Data Warehouses, proceeding on to Data Mining, Business Intelligence and now Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI.

He successfully co-founded and exited a couple of startups so far. One of which is of Business Intelligence for Enterprises and the other is an Insurance sector product. Currently, he is invested in a few startups in the ML area and also sits on the boards of a few more.

Venkatesh has a Masters in Computers Science and an MBA. He brings his formal education and experience, combined with his passion for DATA to develop Predictive Analytics capabilities to his enterprise clients in pharmaceutical and insurance verticals.

Venkatesh in his spare time also follows his passion for teaching by conducting workshops in Machine Learning where he coaches aspiring students in the joy of DATA.

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Peeya Iwagoshi - Co - Instructor

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