Can You Become A Data Engineer Without Degree

While hearing of data engineering, it may come to the mind that only tech people and engineers having BTech, MTech, BSc and MSc degrees are supposed to choose a data engineering career.

But don’t worry. If you are not from engineering and if you have an inclination towards data engineering, you can be one of the good data engineering professionals.

Even if you don’t possess a degree, after graduating from class 12th and after having some data engineering professional training, you can get into a data engineering career.

Let’s find the answers for the questions peeking at your mind. Can you become a data engineer without degree? Do you need a degree to be a data engineer? How can I start a career in data engineering? how to become a data engineer in India?

Who Can Become A Data Engineering?

A student after 12th from major in science can pursue his BSc in computer science, information technology, statistics, applied mathematics, or data science. Alternatively, you could pursue engineering or BTech in Computer Science.

Having said that, it’s not mandatory to have a degree from computer science or related fields. Anyone who can gain the skills of data engineering, like a programming language, scripting language, database design and management, etc. becomes a data engineer. You must be efficient in mathematical, numerical analysis, and logic building, as well.

Can You Become A Data Engineer Without Degree?

You must be eager to know, without a degree how can I become a data engineer in India?

Yes, while you technically can become a data engineer without a BSc degree (because its more about the skills) but it’s good to have a degree in data engineering or a related field – for the simple reason that for most companies a degree is an assurance that you have some formal foundation of the topic.

If you do not possess any degree, you have to start with the basics. To have a smooth journey in data engineering, you must possess the fundamental knowledge of computer studies. Start with the computer programming language. Fundamental knowledge of mathematics is essential to become a data engineer.

Learn python programming and a database query language like SQL. Data structure and algorithm knowledge are a must for data engineering.

These were the fundamentals of data engineering. Once you have gained efficiency on them, now it’s time to move on to some specialized work

Some of the specialized fields of data engineering are:

  • Data engineering with machine learning algorithms,
  • Data engineering with cloud computing,
  • Data engineering with deep learning,
  • Data engineering with natural language processing

How Can I Start A Career In Data Engineering?

After acquiring sufficient skills, you may be concerned about “how can I start a career in data engineering without degree?”

It’s quite impossible to get a well-paid job in data engineering without a degree. So, it’s better to join as an intern in any organization where you will get a vast opportunity to practice. This internship experience will make you the opportunity to grow your career.

It’s a good practice to get some volunteer work opportunities. You can practice with some free resources to get real-life hands-on experience. Leetcode, Pandas practice problems, Kaggle are some free resources to practice data engineering problems.

Freelance and open-source markets are good places to grow a career as a data engineer. These places don’t require any institutional degrees but skills.

It’s a good practice to participate in hackathons and competitions. It will help you to build your skills.

Having some experience of 2-3 years in open-source marketplaces, and training certificates you can apply in high-paid jobs. If you can prove yourself efficient you can get hired.

Companies That Give Opportunities To Data Engineer Without A Degree

Do you need a degree to be a data engineer? Or, do all of the companies ask for a minimum degree for data engineering jobs?

Data engineering is a job of huge responsibilities and efficiency, so, no reputed company hires a data engineer without a degree. A minimum degree in a relevant field is required for a data engineering job in top or renowned companies.

But if you do not possess any degree in computer science or a relevant degree, nothing to worry about. You can work on some open-source projects or practice data engineering as a volunteer. Many reputed organizations or companies offer opportunities and long or short-term projects on data engineering to make people skillful.

  • DataKind (U.S.) and Data for Good (Canada): these organizations offer volunteer opportunities for data science and analytics consulting, and project management world-wide.
  • Data Science for Social Good: Connects volunteer data engineers with projects needed by “social good” after reviewing the project needs.
  • Catchafire: a place for nonprofits that advertise for the needs of skill-based volunteer, like data analytics projects.
  • Statistics Without Borders: this platform organizes data engineers to help global issues through their statistical expertise.
  • United Nations Volunteers: they hire volunteers from all backgrounds to help projects supporting advancement worldwide, including opportunities focused on spatial/GIS, and data visualization.

Data Engineering Training With ML Academy

ML Academy is one of the best online training institutes offering the best courses to be data engineer. You will find the best courses to become a data engineer even if you don’t have a degree. ML Academy decorated their courses in order from beginner to expert level where you don’t need to have prior knowledge.

ML Academy offers well-designed courses that can help you a lot to find a data engineering role. ML Academy has created a new method of teaching named KCE methodology, for the purpose of making efficient data engineer.

Knowledge, Certification, and Expertise is the three key to make you efficient enough to reach the highest pick of your profession. Fundamental and advanced knowledge of data engineering will make you master at your job. Certification will prove your knowledge and skills. Certification will make an interview call for a job but you have to be an expert to get the job and rise high.


Now you shouldn’t have any confusion about can you become a data engineer without degree or not.

Though it’s necessary to have a degree in order to get a job in a reputed company, it doesn’t mean that without a degree you cannot become a data engineer at all.  Don’t be broken-heart. Gain some skills in data engineering, join some open competitions. Once you have some certification and some experience in participating in a data engineering contest, you will get open-source projects and grow your career in different marketplaces.