Best Machine Learning Hackathon In India

A special application of artificial intelligence is being practiced to provide machines the ability to automatically learn from experience and improve themselves without being explicitly programmed, known as machine learning (ML). Its main focus is the development of the program to access the data as well as learn from the huge amount of data. Machine learning hackathon is a time constrained competition to solve problems on machine learning and data science.

The excessive speed of adoption of artificial intelligence in various sectors like automotive, healthcare, government, and others has made the demand for machine learning raise globally.

Engineers and data scientists are involving themselves in machine learning more than ever. Machine learning hackathon and data science hackathon create opportunities to learn machine learning and data science competitively and put to practice what they have learned.

Here, you will find about the best machine learning hackathon in India, data science hackathon, machine learning hackathon problem statements, and ML hackathon with ML Academy.

Machine Learning Hackathon

Machine learning hackathon is time constrained a competitive learning challenge aimed at solving some specific problems on machine learning. Computer engineers, programmers, developers, data engineers, and others having related skills participate and collaborate on a specific project to show their skills.

Machine learning hackathons can be hosted by any business organization or any information technology organization or any educational institute. On successful completion of an ML hackathon prizes and certifications are given to the participants, even, in some cases, job opportunities are also offered to the champions.

This sprint-like technical event aims to find out the talented engineers or programmers who can collaborate with their team to find out real-life-based solutions by making the proper use of technology and knowledge within a short time.

Machine Learning Hackathon focuses on training and comparing existing models as well as the outcome of a tangible product with high precision performance measurements.

Why Participate in a Machine Learning Hackathon?

Hackathons are revolutionizing in building teams, innovating, and validating ideas. Machine learning hackathons have become a go-to platform where machine learning practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts find necessary support, assistance, and tools to upskill them with practicing and solving problems with an array of datasets.

Hackathons create an opportunity to meet and compete with the finest people. This intense competition makes the scope to think out of the box and drag out the best of you enabling you for critical thinking.

A machine learning hackathon will not only enhance your skills but also increase your contact. Most of the ml hackathons offer the champions and toppers great opportunities to work with sponsor companies.

More than 80% of Fortune 100 companies use hackathons to encourage innovation today. Over 50% of hackathon recurrences. That means they are a reliable tool for sustainable innovation and identifying top talent. Also, the parameters to evaluate a machine learning hackathon are qualitatively and quantitatively unique compared to other hackathons. So, participating in a machine learning hackathon will make your resume strong that will help you to grow your career in machine learning.

Machine Learning Hackathon Problem Statements

Where can you find machine learning hackathon problem statements to practice before taking part? There are several resources on machine learning and data science to practice. Reddit and Kaggle (Google controlled machine learning hackathon platform) are among the best resources where you will find thousands of practice problems to upskill yourself.

ML Academy also provides some opportunities like practice, mocks, and bootcamp that makes the experiments easier for machine learning practitioners.

Best Machine Learning Hackathon in India

Which is the best machine learning hackathon in India? Several organizations are arranging hackathons on data science and machine learning in India. Due to the covid-19 pandemic most of the organizations are now arranging online data and ml hackathons.

Every year lots of ml and data science hackathons are being organized world-wide. It’s quite tough to say which one is best, as every hackathon comes with their own motive and goal. But you can decide the best ml hackathon for you by analyzing some criteria.

In every hackathon, you will find a motive, a goal. Consider the motive whether you are interested in the goal or not. Maximum hackathons are arranged with a hope for a greater outcome to solve some problems, in quest of some innovation. You also have to look at the opportunities they provide. Some provide job opportunities or a greater chance to work with them. Don’t forget to look at the prize money also.

Machine Learning Hackathon with ML Academy

ML Academy offers the best online courses on data engineering and machine learning with cloud computing i.e., Google Cloud Data Engineer, AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty, FREE Online Data Engineering on AWS, etc.

To enhance your learning, fundamental knowledge and expertise ML Academy has introduced a special training methodology called KCE methodology. Knowledge, Certification, and Expertise are the three keys of this methodology. ML Academy organizes online classes prepared by certified expert professionals and hands-on lab to enhance your efficiency.

Moreover, to enhance expertise in machine learning and data science, ML Academy has launched ML hackathon across India. Their main goal is to make a competitive learning opportunity and upskill the participants to complete real-life problems creatively.

ML Academy’s hackathon consists of three stages-

  • Qualifier quiz – teams consisting of 2-3 members will take part in a multiple-choice question-based test to qualify themselves for the hackathon. The test will be on operating system, algorithm, programming, etc.
  • Problem Solving stage – qualified teams will participate in solving real-life business problems like building apps and automated management systems. Top teams will be moved to the final round.
  • Presentation stage – Top teams from problem solving stage will present their project to the jury. Based on the solutions and the presentation, the champion team will be announced.

Champions will receive exciting prizes from Apple and a 25% discount on the courses offered by ML Academy.

Tips for Outstanding Performance in a ML Hackathon

A strong strategy can lead toward an excellent outcome. If you are participating a ML hackathon for the first time, you need to follow some strategies for an outstanding performance.

  • Choosing tools – Choose the perfect programming language and tools that suit you most and in which you are expert. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for machine learning.
  • Build a roadmap – without a proper roadmap you cannot proceed further. Build a plan, manage resources, attending few workshops to gather experiences, practicing few easy projects will help you to go a long way.
  • Build an efficient team – An efficient team is the most important thing to achieve the goal. Choose a team where everyone is efficient in a particular sector. Divide the project according to their specialty.
  • Practice a lot – Don’t forget to do your homework. Practicing problem-solving and real-life application will give you a good perspective reaching your goal. You should work on your project presentation also.
  • Prepare resources – Build a prototype of your project. Prepare APIs and reusable libraries for code, that will save your time.


Machine learning hackathons are catalysts for innovation. ML Hikeathon is an amazing opportunity for you to showcase your machine learning abilities and talent on a real-world problem. ML hackathon is one of the best ways to practice and show the skills for those, who are pursuing machine learning as a career. Keep practicing ML hackathon problems with ML Academy for career growth in machine learning.