Best Data Engineering Hackathon In India

Data being the new fuel with future looking promising, the field has plenty of career opportunities to offer in data engineering, machine learning and data analytics. Accessibility to new age courses has significantly increased.

With competitive coding and hackathons getting more and more popular, you can now use them to fulfill your data engineering dream.

But how will this happen? How can you achieve your dream of being a data engineer? What can help the awareness reach every enthusiast waiting for the right opportunity? You will find the answers to all these questions by the end of this article.

What is a Hackathon ?

Hackathon is a goal centric and time constrained event, mostly a competition, where people, be it developers, designers, students or programmers, come together to solve a problem. 

A hackathon’s goal is to produce working software or hardware by the end of the event. Hackathons usually have a special focus, such as the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, or the subject and demographic group of programmers. In other circumstances, there are no limitations on the type of software that can be developed.

For data sciences, programmers are provided with data science hackathon problem statements and work together in achieving common goal within the stipulated time period. Such hackathons can be of different types:

  • Online/Offline: Based on the mode of conduction, hackathons can be online conducted on a website, or offline, mostly a 24 hour event for finding creative solutions to problem statements at hand.
  • Application based: These hackathons focus on specialised development platforms, such as desktop operating systems, video game development, and so on.
  • Specific programming language: These application-specific hackathons are held to develop a certain API or framework’s functionality.  Many hackathons are devoted to developing apps using a certain programming language or Application Programming Interface (API) such as JavaScript, Node.js, and others.
  • Industry specific: For specific industries, hackathons can play a significant role in driving innovations and bringing a new dimension to already existing products or services.

Data Engineering Hackathon in India

With All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) directing the universities affiliated to it, to roll out courses that align with changing technologies and multiple disciplines, data science and analytics is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years.

After these instructions, the AICTE revealed that nearly 127 diploma institutes and 663 undergraduate colleges across India have chosen to offer courses in artificial intelligence (AI), data science and analytics, blockchain, machine learning, and robotics in the academic year 2019-20. Unfortunately, this accounts for only 10% of total engineering colleges in India. 

The lack of awareness towards Data Science hackathons, machine learning hackathons and hackathon machine learning projects causes deprivation of upskilling junctures. The delayed and underwhelming responses of engineering colleges in updating their curriculum has driven towards easily accessible and compromised career interests.

Data Science and Machine Learning Hackathons

What can be the solution? Let us search an answer to this. Something that seems promising enough to make students aware about career opportunities in data engineering or machine learning, is a real time, full fledged data engineering hackathon. This caters to them solving real world problems and getting a practical exposure to what the world of data sciences look like, along with churning the wheels of their constructive minds for creative problem solving and then understanding and deciding, how interesting and promising the career looks like, and whether or not it fits their aspirations. 

While many hackathons are conducted globally, the number of data engineering hackathons in India is very few, and hence we bring one of the best online IT training institutes providing data engineering courses conducting India’s biggest and best Hackathon competition, ML Academy, at your engineering college!

Hackathon with ML Academy

Let us first know what ML Academy offers! Courses on Machine Learning and Data Engineering on Google Cloud, Online data engineering on AWS, Google Cloud data engineering, and other data engineering are taught by expert professionals through live online classes, bringing in KCE methodology to make the training more effective. Adding cherry on cake, ML Academy ensures that your knowledge and skills find a way out in industry, by offering you the placement assistant. What else can one ask more?

With a very few hackathons in Data science and engineering, ML Academy has launched its own hackathon across India to make engineering students learn, upskill and compete to solve problems creatively. 

M L Academy : Best Data Engineering hackathon in India The hackathon will be consisting of three main stages:

  • Qualifier quiz: In stage I,  a team of 2-3 will be solving Multiple Choice Questions on Operating systems, Algorithms, etc. If performed well enough, will qualify for the second round.
  • Real world case: In this stage, real world business problem such as building an app or creating a dashboard will be given to the contestants.
  • Presentation: Finally the top teams will have to present their solutions in front of jury.
  • Reward: And the reward? The winning teams will receive exciting goodies from Apple and a whopping 25% discount on the courses provided by ML academy!

What else do I have?

The perks do not end here. Here is a list of ‘what else’ can you expect out of this hackathon:

  • Webinars: Get acquainted with basics and explore more on ‘Data science hackathon for beginners’, ‘Data science hackathons’, ‘Data engineering hackathons’ , ‘Machine learning hackathons’ and more by expert professionals in the field.
  • Fun activities: Learn by quizzing and interaction, building network and growing together with ML academy hackathon.
  • Prize for all: Yes! You read that right. For each and every participant on board, there is a 25% discount in the enrollment fee of the data engineering courses of ML academy.


With increasing demand for unconventional courses like data engineering and machine learning, hackathon can be the best medium to address the issue of lack of awareness amongst engineering students about these hot topics and the career in them.

ML academy is here to guide you to turn your dreams into reality with its one of a kind, best data engineering hackathon in India.

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